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Humble Beginnings, Bold Mission.

 Tie Aficionado is about neckwear and the culture behind it.


Tie Aficionado


    We started this site in 2014 as a hobbie business because it is apparent that a tie is more than just a piece of fabric around your neck. Why do people wear neckties and how does it resonate with people when you are wearing it? Simply put, it adds a level of class and style to your outfit and most importantly, it can be the piece of clothing that adds a truly undeniable statement of your uniqueness. This can be expressed by the color and pattern of the tie, the material, where it’s from and the story behind it. I can also be expressed by how you wear it. Whether it’s the knot you choose to tie it in or the pattern of necktie you choose, Neckwear can be a great source of personal expression.

We wanted to create a community of people who are necktie enthusiasts but also appeal to the casual wearer who wants to know how to do things properly when it comes to their neckwear. We set out to provide resources such as how to tie a necktie, lifestyle information and great products from different boutique necktie brands. Learn about brand origins, where the fabrics are made and even the manufacturing process behind it. This information brings you exactly what you want to know before going ahead and buying a new necktie.

Our main focus is seeking out great boutique neckwear brands from around the world and telling their story. We bring these brands to the forefront and make deals with them so you are able to purchase their items directly from our site and have them shipped from their warehouse to your doorstep. This gives you have the opportunity to access these great hidden gems and to discover some of the smaller craftsmanship out there in the world of neckwear.

In 2017 it was decided that we need to make the push to put this business plan into full swing and to build an online store that puts our ideals and vision into reality. We are looking to grow our brands substantially in 2018 and provide you with an experience that is one of a kind, broad and memorable.

Thank you for visiting Tie Aficionado and we hope you enjoy the wears and community we are just beginning to create.



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