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Japanese Carpenter's Box Shoe Shine Kit

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Japanese carpentry intrigues me.   This wood shoe shine box is a perfect example of simplicity and function for your shoe polishing needs.  

We've had lots of requests for Kiwi brand shoe polish from our customers in the military and other branches of service like police, paramedic and fire.   Kiwi brand horse hair brushes and Kiwi brand black and Parade Gloss black polish with a can of neutral to keep on top of other shoes and boots around the house.  Paired with our custom made shoe shine cloths this wood shoe polishing kit is made from reclaimed pallet lumber and stained with burnt umber and dark pigments with linseed oil or a light honey stain and wax.  

The box measures 7 1/4" by 4 1/4" by 14".   


Kit contains:


2 5.5" Kiwi Horsehair shoe shine brushes

2 Kiwi Horsehair shoe polish dauber applicators

2 Shinekits handmade shine cloths

1  1 1/8 oz 32 gram can of Kiwi Black shoe Polish

1 1 1/8 oz 32 gram can of Kiwi Black Parade Gloss Shoe Polish

1 1 1/8 oz 32 gram can of Kiwi Neutral Shoe Polish



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